Welcome to J. Earle McCormick

I enjoy helping people develop their financial strategies.  We all need a blueprint to follow, whatever our goals in life.  Let’s face it, creating and preserving wealth is an important focus for all of us.

What I do is much more that financial plan design. Because change happens it’s incumbent upon all of us to recognize the fluid nature of life itself, and thus our plans for that life.  That’s why I stay with my clients to continually fine tune their plans as time goes on and to be available to help out when success or calamity strikes.

Going well beyond the traditional planning role, I connect my clients with resources that are necessary to build the security and to live the life that we seek.  A few of my recent projects for clients involved: liquidating a factory; negotiating banking terms; recruiting an associate; and introducing a new partnership.  My 26 years in business and network building prepared me well to successfully react to even the most unusual client challenges.

I’m here for the long run; to help my clients and their families prepare for their future financial stability.  

I believe I can make a difference.